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Gain insights into how businesses like yours conquered obstacles, seized opportunities, and excelled in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Fibo Lim, CEO of Business Growth Mentorship, faced ad fatigue and a declining market after four years of online advertising.

Why CMSPro Digital

CMSPro Digital doesn't just offer cutting-edge marketing strategies but also guarantees the highest-quality target audience. In an age where user experience is paramount, CMSPro Digital ensures a seamless customer journey, resulting in improved conversion rates and maximized profits.

Increased Conversion Rate

With the all-in-one Sales and Marketing SaaS Platform, AACIO, our ability to convert potential leads into confirmed sales saw a substantial boost. The personalized marketing strategies reached the right audience, increasing engagement and sales.

High-Quality Traffic

CMSPro Digital's focused ad campaigns attracted genuinely interested audiences, enhancing the likelihood of sales and ensuring top-tier traffic quality.

Smooth Customer Experience

CMSPro Digital's standout feature is its dedication to the user experience. By providing a glitch-free and seamless journey for customers, it not only increased sales but also elevated the brand's reputation.

Partnering with CMSPro Digital and harnessing the power of the AACIO marketing tool, our course selling event witnessed a monumental success.
  • Generated a staggering $8,434 in just 3 days.

  • Achieved an industry-leading conversion rate.

  • Attracted high-quality traffic to the event.

  • Offered a seamless and smooth customer experience.

"Wow! Congratulations, your agency was killing it! Top agency that had the most number of sales! You generated $8,000 in 3 days in total revenue!"
"We made $25,050 in one week because of your ads! Let's increase the daily budget ASAP."


Chinkee Tan, CEO of Chinkee Tan Corporation and a prominent Filipino Wealth Coach, faced a significant challenge when the pandemic led to a decline in his traditional live events, affecting his revenue streams.

Why CMSPro Digital

CMSPro Digital recommended AACIO, an innovative funnel-building marketing tool, recognized for its adaptability and precision targeting in the ever-evolving digital landscape. AACIO offered the perfect solution to tailor and execute strategies that directly resonated with Chinkee Tan Corporation's audience, ensuring maximum returns on ad spend.

10X Webinar Traffic

Using AACIO's advanced funnel-building capabilities, we successfully amplified the outreach of the webinars, driving an influx of keen participants and skyrocketing the potential for conversions.

45% Show-Up Rate

A true testament to the targeted and engaging nature of our campaigns, almost half of the interested participants showed up for the webinars, creating a ripe environment for sales and relationship-building.

Increased Daily Sales

The cumulative effect of targeted traffic and high engagement rates culminated in a noticeable increase in daily sales, thus proving the efficacy of our strategic partnership with AACIO.


CMSPro Digital, in conjunction with the innovative funnel-building capabilities of AACIO, propelled the Chinkee Tan Corporation to record-breaking sales, exhibiting the transformative power of strategic digital marketing.

  • Generated an impressive $25,050 in a single week.

  • Achieved a 10X surge in webinar traffic.

  • Boasted a 45% show-up rate for the webinars.

  • Witnessed a significant uptick in daily sales.


Abe, CEO of World's Life Coaching Federation, started out a skeptic.  He used to only do talks with small groups.  Conversions were slower, and he had to put in more work and time to generate revenue as a coach. 

Why CMSPro Digital?

A pivotal factor in CMSPro Digital's success formula is the integration of best-in-class tools. AACIO, with its formidable funnel-building prowess, is our go-to for driving targeted traffic that converts. In Abe Brown's campaign, AACIO's precision targeting and analytics-driven approach was key to tapping into the right audience and optimizing conversion.

70% Show-Up Rate from Leads

Our ad campaigns, fueled by AACIO's insights, resonated with the right audience, ensuring that a lion's share of those who expressed interest actively participated in Abe Brown's workshop.

25% Conversion Rate

Through AACIO's funnel-building strategies, we not only attracted the audience but effectively guided them down the conversion path, resulting in one in four attendees making a purchase.

Smooth Front End to Back End Customer Experience

A seamless customer journey is the cornerstone of successful conversion. By integrating AACIO's advanced functionalities, we guaranteed a hassle-free experience for attendees from the moment they showed interest in post-event interactions.


In a span of just three months, CMSPro Digital, utilizing the funnel-building capabilities of AACIO, masterminded a campaign that ushered in a flood of attendees to Abe Brown's workshop, resulting in a record-breaking revenue of $500,000 from a single event.

  • Secured a whopping $500,000 in 3 months from ads for the speaking event.

  • Registered a stellar 70% show-up rate from leads.

  • Achieved an impressive 25% conversion rate.

  • Ensured a frictionless journey for customers from front end to back end.

"At first I was skeptical, but $500,000 revenue at my speaking event is the biggest I've ever made in one workshop. You did a tremendous job."
"Since you joined us, we've been getting super good leads. Revenue has gotten up to 8X since last year!"


Dillon Kivo, CEO of Authority Titans PR Firm, struggled to achieve their revenue goals and were grappling with low-quality leads. Their revenue growth had stagnated, and the competition in their industry was fierce. They needed a solution to boost revenue, attract high-quality leads, and regain their competitive edge in the market.

Why CMSPro Digital

CMSPro Digital is adamant about choosing only the finest tools to bolster our campaigns. AACIO, celebrated for its impeccable funnel-building attributes, was the ideal fit for Authority Titans PR Firm. It enabled precision targeting, streamlined analytics, and a data-driven approach that made every ad dollar count.

8X Revenue Increase

With AACIO's funnel-building brilliance and our marketing expertise, we not only attracted the right audience but ensured they converted, leading to an 8-fold jump in revenue for Authority Titans.

Super High-Quality Leads

Our collaboration with AACIO ensured that we weren't just driving traffic, but bringing in leads of the highest caliber—those genuinely interested and likely to engage with Authority Titans.

Accurate Reporting and Transparency on Ad Spend

Our commitment to transparency is unwavering. With AACIO's robust analytics and our detailed breakdowns, Authority Titans was always in the loop regarding how every cent was spent and the resultant ROI.


By harnessing the funnel-building capabilities of AACIO and the strategic brilliance of CMSPro Digital, Authority Titans PR Firm has witnessed an unprecedented boost in its revenue and lead quality.

  • Captured an impressive $448,094 in just a single month, maintaining the momentum to hit six figures month after month through our expertly curated Facebook ads.

  • Witnessed a staggering 8X revenue surge compared to the previous year.

  • Consistently drew in superlative quality leads that translated into meaningful business.

  • Provided meticulous reporting, ensuring complete transparency and judicious use of the ad spend.

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